From the Founders, Danielle and Jonathan Maloof

While CHD is the most common birth defect worldwide, affecting nearly 1 in 100 babies born, most pregnant woman are not made aware of the inherent risks. I know I wasn’t, when I was pregnant with our second son, Remington Daniel Maloof. By all accounts, our Remy was going to be born a big and healthy baby boy but within moments of his birth it was made clear this was not the case. Here is where our journey with CHD begins. Please read on to learn more about Remington’s Journey and how Save the Heartbeat came to be.
Jonathan and Danielle Maloof


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About Save the Heartbeat

1 in 100 babies are born with CHD every year.

100% of proceeds goes toward funding research, early detection programs, increasing awareness, and community outreach.

Fighting to improve the lives of those affected by congenital heart disease, one heartbeat at a time...

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